OGCC Day 13 – Season’s Readings Ornament With Scrolling Messages

Season's Readings (Image courtesy Baron Bob)By Andrew Liszewski

OGCC Day 13 (Image property of OhGizmo!)If you’re trying to hunt down a Christmas ornament suitable for the geek in your family, I’d actually suggest skipping the local Hallmark. While there’s nothing wrong with Darth Vader or R2-D2 hanging on your tree, I think this Season’s Readings ornament is a much better choice. Around its center you’ll find a strip of LEDs that light up and scroll a series of holiday messages.

Now unfortunately the ornament is not user programmable, but the 8 different preset messages cover the holiday basics like Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year, Peace on Earth, Seasons Greetings, Home for Xmas, Joy to the World and Feliz Navidad.

Baron Bob’s got it for just $14.95.

[ Season’s Readings ] VIA [ Coolest Gadgets ]

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