OGCC Day 10 – Snowman Speaker System

Acrylic Snowman Speaker System (Image courtesy AVON)By Andrew Liszewski

OGCC Day 10 (Image property of OhGizmo)As the number of days until Christmas rapidly declines so does the number of days when you can really enjoy those Christmas tunes. Sure you might be able to squeeze in an extra week before New Years hits but once Auld Lang Syne starts playing that’s officially the end.

So to maximize those remaining days why not enjoy your 30 different versions of Carol Of The Bells in real holiday style? This acrylic snowman-shaped speaker hooks up to the headphone jack of really anything and blasts out your music through what is probably a pretty crappy speaker. On the up side though the snowman cycles through one of three different colors along with the tempo of the song being played. As the website puts it this speaker provides real “Snow-round sound!” (Hahahahahahahaha…)

The Snowman Speaker System is available from AVON for $29.99.

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