Office Master OM5: The Mother of All PC Gaming Chairs


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Despite the constant developments taking place in the field of modern day gaming consoles such as the PlayStation and Xbox, a true geek knows that PC is the master race when it comes to gaming. Now the idea of sitting on an old fashioned ergonomic chair in front of a generic desktop computer does not sound too appealing, nor is it too conducive for gaming. However, there are a number of ways in which you can amp up your PC gaming experience, starting with buying a brand new PC gaming chair.

You certainly have come across several pictures of hi-tech gaming chairs that resemble objects from science fictions movies, but the one that you are going to learn about today is very real and can be a brand new addition to your room in a matter of days. Meet the Office Master OM5.

Priced at $497 with armrests from Ergodirects, this PC gaming chair can be described as a self weighing chair that has the ability to automatically respond to a number of body weights and sizes without the need for any manual intervention. In plain, simple and layman’s terms, this chair does not come with confusing levers and knobs to adjust the positioning, it will make the alterations all by itself based on what your buttocks and back need. Seriously now, how cool is that? Talk about taking your PC gaming experience to unregistered heights!

To get into a little more detail, there are three specific elements of the OM5 which can be adjusted. The first one is the height. The OM5 lowers or raises itself depending on your requirements. Next up are the arm rests, which slides back and forth and rotates towards the direction of your body. Finally you have the front seat waterfall lip that can bend forwards to give your legs some much needed extra room. The experience of sitting in this chair is nearly the same as sitting on the first class passenger seat of a renowned airliner.

One of the best features of the OM5 is the natural tension on the backseat. Unlike most of the other backseats of gaming chairs, the one in the OM5 is not too tight or too lose. You need to spend a considerable amount of time sitting in the chair before you can get used to its unique, state of the art dynamics. Making the transitions in may cause a few problems for you, initially. However, the longer you spend in the chair, the easier it will be for you to let it manoeuvre itself and make you feel as comfortable as possible.

If you are looking for durability, then the OM5 is definitely a worthy investment. With a 12 year warranty on the table the OM5 is virtually assuring you of a premium build quality. If you want, you can customize the chair to your heart’s content. There are a number of colours of cushion fabric to choose from and the size of the backrest can be changed as well.

Don’t abandon your PC in lieu of the next generation gaming consoles. There is so much you can do to enhance your PC gaming experience. If you are planning to buy the OM5, then you might as well buy a pair of high quality BOSE speakers that will make your PC games come well and truly alive. For other superb additions to your gaming PC, check out the wonderful deals on consumer electronic products at
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