Odyssey 10-Wheel RC Stunt Car

Odyssey 10-Wheel Remote Control Stunt Car (Image courtesy HSN.com)By Andrew Liszewski

One RC car is fun, but five of them fused together into some kind of supercar is either a work of toy-madness or toy-genius. Since I can’t find a video of this thing in action I’m leaning towards toy-madness at the moment but if anyone has actually played with one of these and can vouch that they’re actually fun I’ll gladly change my mind.

The Odyssey is basically five RC cars attached at the axles forming a pentagon of driving excitement. (Though it makes me wonder how the thing is steered.) And since it does appear to be tip-friendly there are protrusions on each side to help it right itself once it goes over and provide for some “awesome side-spin action.”

The Odyssey comes with a wireless remote and rechargeable battery pack and is currently available from HSN.com for $29.86.

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