OCZ Flex XLC Water-Cooled RAM

OCZ Flex XLC Water-Cooled CAS-3 DDR2-800 2 GB Memory Kit (Images courtesy Hot Hardware)
By Andrew Liszewski

Whether you’re building a top of the line gaming rig or a graphics workstation that will serve as your livelihood you’re going to want to squeeze every last bit of performance you can out of the hardware. Water cooling systems have been used on CPUs and even graphics processors for a while now but OCZ Technology has released a water cooling kit designed specifically for your system’s RAM.

Hot Hardware recently took a look at the company’s RAM cooling kit and while they admit they were doubtful at first they walked away suitably impressed.

While our initial reaction was to question the concept of water cooled memory modules, the final shipping product is actually quite impressive. We’re quite impressed in the way that the modules don’t HAVE to be water-cooled in order to get great overclocks – the air cooling system is highly effective in its own right. However, if you add water cooling to the mix, you’ll drastically lower your module temperatures and simply have a safer and potentially more stable computing environment when overclocked.

They did have a few minor concerns about the system, most notably the lack of clamping system where the water hoses attached. During testing the system didn’t leak without them but they still added their own as an extra precaution. You’ll also need a water cooling system already in place in order to use the kit but in the end it seems like a worthwhile investment if you’re serious about your PC’s performance.

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