Oakley’s Kitchen Sink Pack Includes Everything But… Well You Know How It Goes

Oakley Kitchen Sink Pack (Image courtesy Oakley)
By Andrew Liszewski

Oakley sells a bunch of different bags and backpacks but if you want to get all their nifty features in one fell swoop you’ll have to go with the Kitchen Sink pack. It includes padded pockets for safely storing a mobile phone and a 17 inch laptop, and the top compartment is even compression molded allowing you to stick a pair of sunglasses inside without the fear of them being crushed. Alternately, the top compartment also has a headphone port if you want to carry your MP3 player in there while still listening to it.

There are cable zipper pulls for the main compartment that allow you to add a lock for security purposes while the mid-body access flap hides an organizer for less important items like pens. I particularly like the bottom compartment which includes drainage holes for items that might get soaking wet.

You can find the Kitchen Sink Pack on the Oakley website for $175.

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1 thought on “Oakley’s Kitchen Sink Pack Includes Everything But… Well You Know How It Goes”

  1. Nice! Now if I can just con someone in to buying me one! 🙂 I’m such a pack rat… I could make use of that. Uh huh. Yep.

    I’m very hard on my clothes, shoes, bags, etc. This one might actually survive me!

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