O King Scanner (Images courtesy USB.brando.com)

O King Portable Document Scanner Makes It Easy To Copy Magazines From Waiting Rooms

O King Scanner (Images courtesy USB.brando.com)
By Andrew Liszewski

Kleptodeadmedia is a condition I just made up that refers to people who feel compelled to steal copies of year-old magazines like Newsweek or Good Housekeeping from doctor and dentist waiting rooms. I haven’t made up a cure yet though, so if you feel like you suffer from said condition this portable O King document scanner from Brando is a step in the right direction. Instead of slipping the magazine into your purse, briefcase or down your pants, you simply have to discreetly unfold and set up the camera arm and then snap away, page-by-page, until the whole thing is captured digitally.

It even comes with a travel case that unfolds to double as a positioning map so you can ensure your document is always properly framed by the camera. The downsides though? Since it’s USB powered and lacks any onboard storage it can only be used when tethered to a laptop or PC, the camera has a pretty crappy resolution of just 1600×1200 and technically, if used to capture copyrighted material, you’re still breaking the law. Baby steps though… baby steps. $120 from USB.Brando.com.

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