NZXT Sentry Gives You Complete Control Of Your PC’s Cooling Systems

NZXT Sentry Gives You Complete Control Of Your PC’s Cooling Systems

By Chris Scott Barr

If you’ve got a pretty beefy gaming PC that’s packed with hardware, chances are that you need to keep an eye on your cooling. After all, you don’t want to damage anything by inadvertently letting it overheat. Of course at the same time, if you’ve chosen to go with a strictly air-cooled solution, that can get pretty loud. What you need is a good way to tweak your fans to maintain the proper temperature, without simply cranking them all on high and forgetting about it.

NZXT has released several cases and stand-alone products that keep this in mind, however, their latest offering may very well be their best. The new Sentry LXE is a touchscreen LCD  that shows information about your system’s temperature, and allows you to control your fans. While this isn’t something new exactly, this one sets itself apart by not being integrated into the computer case itself.

The screen can be situated on your desk, where it can be easily seen and used. A cable runs down into a PCI card, which is what all of the internal components are connected to. You’ll have complete control of 5 fans,  which can be individually adjusted. Or if you prefer, they can be set to automatically adapt to the temperatures of each component.  Other information such as the date and time are also shown, to make it an even more functional device on your desk.

The Sentry LXE will be available soon for the price of $60. Casual gamers may not see the appeal to spending this kind of cash,  but if you love to tweak every little setting, you’ll love it. Besides, this thing will also just look awesome sitting next to your monitor.

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