Nymi Bracelet Replaces Passwords With Your Heartbeat


Bionym takes security one step further with Nymi, which combines Bluetooth proximity detection technology and electrocardiograms to create a new authentication process. The device is meant to be worn as a bracelet and measures the wearer’s cardiac rhythm, which is unique to each person. This rhythm is then used as a password of sorts to unlock digital and physical devices, from smartphones and laptops to doors and other objects.

Once Nymi recognizes the wearer’s heartbeat, it communicates wirelessly to unlock nearby devices. It’ll keep going until the wearer removes it or when someone else wears it. At that point, it will detect a different cardiac rhythm and lock that person out.

The Nymi is also equipped with a proximity sensor and motion detector, which enables gesture command recognition. Bionym is hunting around for developers to work with to extend the capabilities and usefulness of the device.

Nymi is available for pre-order at $79 for the first 25,000 people. After that, it’s price will go up to $99. The first batch of devices will be compatible with Android, iOS, Macs, and Windows device, and are scheduled to ship out in early spring of 2014.

VIA [ Engadget ]