NTT’s Flet Phone VP2000 Looks Like A Tablet, Is A Cellphone

Flet Phone VP2000

By David Ponce

What you’re looking at is in fact a cellphone; or maybe it’s better to look at it as a tablet PC with cellular capabilities (something like what the Nokia N800 should have been, perhaps?). The Flet Phone VP2000 comes from Japan’s NTT, and features a

12.1″ XGA display, enabling users to access email, surf the Internet, and even hold a video conference via the VGA camera located in front. You can hold video calls with other webcam users or owners of 3G handsets [as well].

It’s a logical step, really, to add cellular connectivity to something we’re likely to spend hours sitting in front of. There’s unfortunately no word on availability outside Japan, though if you’re in the area, you can expect to shell out a cool €410.

VIA [ Xataka ]