Now You Can Really Drop The F-Bomb

By Luke Anderson

I’m sure we all have that day at the office where things just never seem to go right. The day where there’s never any coffee, the copier is broken and your boss wants you to stay over late. I believe that’s what is generally referred to as Monday. It’s during those times that you might feel the need to spout off a profanity or two, which probably isn’t the best thing to do in your office. But don’t worry, you can drop the F-Bomb any time you want, and get only a chuckle in response.

Okay, so this plushie toy is a bit cheesy, and having it spout off your favorite word might still get you into trouble. Not to mention that you’ll probably end up throwing the F-Bomb at some point, rather than throwing it. I’m sure that at $10 it would make a decent gag gift for that guy in the corner that’s always grumbling about people stealing his stapler.

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