Edible Burger Wrapper

Now You Can Have Your Burger–And Eat the Wrapper, Too

Edible Burger Wrapper

For years, burger wrappers have been a necessary evil. They’re great for packing up burgers so you can eat them on the go and not get any mayo on your hands, but they’re not very good for the environment. Did you know that consumers in the US threw away 75 million tons of packaging waste in 2011? That includes burger wrappers among a host of other packaging stuff–but 75 million tons? That’s a lot.

So what would you think if I told you that we could take burger wrappers out of the bin and actually eat them with the burger?

I kid you not, because you can actually do this in Brazil if you get your burgers from burger chain Bob. They’ve come up with this new campaign where they package their burgers in edible paper, so customers can literally chew away at their burgers the moment they get their hands on it. No unwrapping required!

It’s an ingenious idea and it’s a fantastic publicity campaign. It also meshes perfectly well with Bob’s tagline which goes “Não dá pra controlar” (You can’t control yourself). I’d love to see it cross borders into my local burger chain.

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5 thoughts on “Now You Can Have Your Burger–And Eat the Wrapper, Too”

  1. The wrap, in my opinion, is supposed to keep the germs on the hands of the vendor and mine off the burger. i wouldnt eat the wrap anyway – its not the paper, its dirt and germs ridden “cover” in first place.

  2. Your opinion suck. The wrap is for holding the burger together. If the vendor is handing you food with “germs” on his hands you should consider changing places you usually go to eat.

  3. I agree. When you are paying for a burger you are pulling out cash that has been handled by many people including yourself and subsequently is not the cleanest of material and as such when the seller takes your cash and hands the burger over to you it is protected in the wrapper. Then you can peel the wrapper back without actually touching the food and eat without getting your own hands on it (which just touched money). Perhaps making a more biodegradable recyclable material and tossing the wrapper in that specific container would help. (Similar to throwing bottles in one receptacle, cans in another and paper in another.) When people order an ice cream cone they wrap it in a napkin to hold and eat it and yes they eat the container but still need to throw away the napkin!

  4. Your lack of knowledge ‘suck’. Everything is covered with germs, all the time. The person who built and wrapped your burger can be assumed to have minimized the number and deadliness of the populations on their hands, tools, and kitchen surfaces, but he can’t remove all of them. The person at the front bagging your wrapped burger, on the other hand, has been handling things that are decidedly non-sterile, like money, credit cards, etc. The only way that that wrapper could be considered safe to eat would be if the preparer bagged it.

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