Now That's What I Call Midi (Image courtesy Internet Archeology)

Now That’s What I Call MIDI – Volume 1 (Hopefully)

Now That's What I Call MIDI (Image courtesy Internet Archeology)
By Andrew Liszewski

A website called Internet Archeology has dedicated themselves to recovering and preserving the graphical artifacts of the early internet in order to better understand and appreciate the birth of the internet culture. And while their efforts have so far focused on graphics and imagery, they’ve recently created a Kickstarter project to attempt to preserve a bit of early internet audio in the form of a vinyl record featuring MIDI versions of hit songs from the 90’s.

They’re trying to raise just $2,500 in order to press 500 limited edition copies of the record which will include 16 songs from the likes of the Backstreet Boys, Blink 182, Nirvana and even Jay-Z. You can reserve your own copy of Now That’s What I Call MIDI with a pledge of just $25, while $40 gets you 2 copies and $150 get’s you 10 copies if you want to get next year’s Christmas shopping done really, really, really early.

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1 thought on “Now That’s What I Call MIDI – Volume 1 (Hopefully)”

  1. This is bullcrap. Backstreet Boys? eF that.
    Why not save the .mod, .xm and other module/tracker files of the era. Sure not all of them are what one would consider a musical gem but they are a lot more related to the general home computing culture & maybe even early internet history of the day.

    A good historical collection of MOD music would be mega awesome.

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