Now That’s A Toaster!

By Luke Anderson

When I know my toast is almost finished in the toaster, I’ll generally give the handle a little extra help, thus projecting my food into the air just a bit. This is usually enough for me to snatch it with my other hand, and amuse myself. First thing in the morning, I’ll take just about anything for amusement. So what if you want your toast tossed really really high in the air? You get yourself a bigger toaster.

On the right you’ll see one big freaking toaster. For all intents and purposes, it’s just a larger version of the device sitting on your kitchen counter. However, once it is finished, it will throw your toast high enough in the air that you’ll probably have to go chase it down. It accomplishes this by using a high-pressure CO2 gas system and a mechanical arm. Not really sure why this was created, but I feel compelled to use it.

[ Freddie Yauner ] VIA [ Dvice ]