Now People Can Send Self-Destructing Messages with SecretInk


I’m sure you’ve heard of Snapchat by now and what it does. It’s an app that lets users send text, photos, and videos that are viewable to the intended recipient for a limited time. At this point, you’ll more or less know what SecretInk is all about since it’s being dubbed as the Snapchat of email.

The service was recently launched by PowerInbox, who wanted to fill the void that was left when other encrypted email providers like Silent Circle and Lavabot chose to fold rather than wait for the NSA to come after them. SecretInk can be used with Gmail and other web-based email services via PowerInbox’s add-on.

What about the NSA? PowerInbox Chief Product Officer Matt Thazhmon says, “We delete the message off of our server after it’s been read and we can go on the record stating that we have NEVER been contacted by the NSA to compromise our server. If we ever were, we would shut the service down.”

Of course, messages are not really truly destructible, since the recipient can take a screenshot. About that, Matt has this to say: “A recipient can always take a screenshot. SecretInk is a way to protect your private communications from being intercepted by third parties and offers as much protection as possible toward that goal. You have to trust the person you’re sending a message to.”

Curious? Try SecretInk for yourself.

VIA [ Tech Crunch ]