Novelty Passport Covers – Hello Strip Search!

Novelty Passport Covers (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

I’m pretty sure whoever thought up these Novelty Passport Covers has never been through an airport, nor have they ever dealt with customs officers. Now I’m not going to say that the good people working at customs don’t have a sense of humor, because I’m sure such comments would result in my name being red-flagged in some database. But I will say they take their jobs very, very seriously. And if you were to hand them your passport with a ‘PIMP’ or ‘PLAYER’ cover on it, I’m pretty sure they’d make sure you wouldn’t be making your flight that day.

But if you’re feeling lucky, a set of 2 Novelty Passport Covers with a ‘leather look’ finish is available from for just over $8.

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