Novac Simply Scan (Image courtesy Novac)

Novac’s Tiny Simply Scan Business Card Scanner

Novac Simply Scan (Image courtesy Novac)
By Andrew Liszewski

Dedicated business card scanners have mostly been replaced by camera-equipped smartphones, but I say mostly because a Japanese company called Novac has just bucked that trend and released this Simply Scan device. It looks like a tiny flatbed scanner that’s barely larger than a business card, but oddly enough it doesn’t work like one. Instead of a glass bed and a sliding scanning mechanism, you just lift the lid of the Simply Scan which positions a small camera over the center of the card. It then snaps a pic and uses included OCR software (running on your computer) to convert the details on the card into an entry in your address book.

Unfortunately it’s only compatible with Windows based PCs, or at least I assume the included software is, and at ~$120+ (¥9,980) it’s actually really expensive when you consider it’s just a lo-res digital camera.

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