Note Me Pillows (Images courtesy VEINTICUATRODIENTES)

Note Me Pillows Are The Perfect Desk Accessory

Note Me Pillows (Images courtesy VEINTICUATRODIENTES)
By Andrew Liszewski

In a pinch a strategically stacked pile of Post-it Notes can serve as an adequate napping support, but it’s not the most comfortable thing to lay your head on. But if you can convince your office administrator to pick up a few of these Note Me pillows instead of a few pads of sticky notes, your afternoon siestas will be far more rewarding.

The pillows can actually be written on using an included marker, and cleaned by simply rinsing the pillow case under cold water. They also appear to be a way funner way to pass notes around the office since employees whipping pillows at each other all day is the perfect recipe for office productivity. $26 from Veinticuatrodientes.

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2 thoughts on “Note Me Pillows Are The Perfect Desk Accessory”

  1. More like “klim, nocab, sgge” embossed on your face. :o) But still, I'd opt for these over post-its any day of the week. WAY more fun to chuck one of these across a room!

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