Not Just For Gaming: Smoking Out of a GameCube and the E-Cig Connection


What have you done with your GameCube aside from play games on it? Most people would say that’s all they did, but the dudes from the Nebula Vaping Lounge who were behind this awesome modded GameCube e-hookah can say that they at least smoked a few on theirs. E-hookahs and e-cigarettes are closely related, with the latter being such a hot topic these days.

In fact, my friends and I debated on the merits of e-cigs over our weekly Saturday brunch and things got heated pretty quickly (okay, enough with the puns!)

Nintendo Smokes

If you read the news regularly, then you might’ve read about the recent restrictions on e-cigs in the US and Canada. Regardless, you might want to know more about their effects and advantages if you’re thinking about making the switch or considering them as an alternative to cigarettes.

First off, there’s the taste factor. Most e-smokers agree that e-cigs are just as satisfying as tobacco cigs in terms of flavor and overall experience. There are a lot of brands offering a variety of strengths and flavors, from regular tobacco to strawberry, soda, and even bacon, so virtually any smoker could find an e-cig that suits their individual taste. There’s more info on this at the ProSmoke e-cig information center. Heck, there are even custom and modded e-cigs to make them even cooler, like the ones above made from NES controllers.

Nintendo Smokes1

Then there’s the cosmetic aspect. Meaning, the smell and how it affects the appearance of smokers. Regular cigs cause teeth stains and wrinkles all over the place because of the carbon monoxide released when they’re lit up–which, fortunately, aren’t in e-cigs.

Finally, there’s the cost (they’re cheaper) and safety factor (they’re safer). I once had a friend in college who blew most of his allowance on smokes, and he’d end up asking for bits and pieces of people’s lunch. Crazy but true story, I know. On the second point, the electronic alternative is safer in the sense that they can’t cause burn injuries or damage clothes and furniture. If you have to make a choice because you’re addicted, then go for the safer product: e-cigs.

Whether you go the e-cig way, hook yourself up with a hookah, or go back to your usual smokes is entirely up to you. Whatever you choose, just read up, educate yourself, and make an informed decision.

VIA [ Kotaku ]