Not A Lamp & Not A Box Lights

Not A Lamp & Not A Box (Images courtesy David Graas)
By Andrew Liszewski

Designed by David Graas the ‘Not A Lamp’ and ‘Not A Box’ lights take the IKEA idea of flat-packed furniture and apply it to lighting instead. The ‘Not A Lamp’ is designed to sit on a table and has the silhouette of a lamp cut into a simple cardboard box while the ‘Not A Box’ is designed to hang from the ceiling and uses the outline of a light bulb with a simple shade instead.

While I like the negative image effect of both lights I suspect the ‘Not A Box’ is a bit more useful since it has a large hole on the bottom that allows the light from the bulb to shine down onto a table. The intricate pattern of the ‘Not A Lamp’ on the other hand looks like it gives off very little light. So in this case I guess form just edges out functionality.

And from what I can tell both lights come with ‘some assembly required’ not to mention supplying your own bulb but I can’t imagine the instructions for putting it together are that hard to follow. The ‘Not A Lamp’ also comes in your choice of brown, orange, green or blue colors.

[ Not A Lamp & Not A Box ] VIA [ Cribcandy ]