Norazza PocketRAID Is Portable Peace Of Mind

Norazza PocketRAID

By Evan Ackerman

Most people I know aren’t nearly paranoid enough about their data. Imagine what your life would be like, in the short and long term, if your computer’s primary HD were to die right now. Sure, you wouldn’t be able to finish reading this article, but (believe it or not) it gets worse… Your work? Your irreplaceable digital photos? Your porn collection? All that music you got back when Napster was big? Poof, gone. That’s why backing up your data is important, but if you’ve got some really valuable stuff, you need a RAID system. Norazza’s PocketRAID is a teeny little external RAID 1 drive, which automatically duplicates everything that you write to it onto two separate 1.8 inch laptop drives. This means that if one drive fails, you’ve got everything backed up without having to think about it. It’s only 5 inches long and 1.5 inches high, and weighs under 2 pounds. It supports drives up to 160gb in size, which gives you 160gb of available mirrored storage. With USB 2.0 and eSATA interfaces, it’s both fast and versatile. MSRP is $439 for the smallest 60gb version, and $929 for the largest 160gb.

If you’re thinking that it sounds like an awful lot of money for a HD, ask yourself how much it would cost you, in time and money, to replace all of your MP3s and the digital pics you took while on vacation… Better safe than sorry, if you ask me.

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