NOOKA ZON (Images courtesy NOOKA & swissmiss)
By Andrew Liszewski

The new ZON watch from Nooka continues with the current trend of timepieces that are impossible to read at a glance. The pixel based LCD display works very similar to an hour glass, where each minute of the day is represented by a single block falling into place. A cool effect for sure, but even with the numbers printed along the edge of the display, it’s not so easy to instantly gauge the time. So thankfully the ZON’s designers included a traditional digital time display for those in a hurry, which can also be used to display the current hour in all 24 time zones.

The ZON comes with either a black or white leather strap or a mesh band, and even includes a spring bar tool and screwdriver so you can customize the strap’s position (left, center or right justified) all for just $650 on the Nooka website.

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