Non-Deconstructable LEGO Digital Camera


By Evan Ackerman

The whole point behind LEGOs LEGO bricks is that you can build stuff out of them, right? You can take them apart, put them together, and turn pirate ships into space ships. So I’m not sure why LEGO (in cooperation with Digital Blue) is putting out a line of electronics that are made out of non-deconstructable LEGO bricks.

This summer, you’ll be able to pay $20 – $60 for LEGO-style radios, MP3 players, and digital cameras. I can’t help but think how much cooler it would be if you could take these apart and rebuild them… Like, add more storage blocks, different lens blocks, that kind of thing. Sorta like BUG for kids! Oh well, I suppose you can still add more LEGOs LEGO bricks onto this stuff and build things that way, it’s just not quite as fun.

VIA [ Kidstechreview ]

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