Nomad PS3000 Presentation Station

Nomad PS3000 (Images courtesy Nomad)By Andrew Liszewski

What’s the point of spending all night putting together an amazing PowerPoint presentation to distract from your ignorance on the subject matter when you end up having to show it on a crappy projector setup? It’s situations like that where you wish you had something like the Nomad PS3000 Presentation Station. It’s basically a rollable cart that includes everything you could possibly need for making those overused PowerPoint templates look their best.

In addition to a 2700 ANSI lumens XGA projector, the PS3000 also includes a digital document camera, a VCR and DVD player, a preview monitor allowing the presenter to see what the audience is seeing, a Pentium 4 based PC and a set of Bose speakers complete with amplifier. It also has the necessary hookups if you’ve come prepared with your own laptop, and a very cool wireless touch screen remote from Crestron that can be used to control all of the components from up to 300 feet away.

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