Nokia’s SU-27W Digital Pen Adds Bluetooth

Nokia SU-27W (Image courtesy Nokia)
By Andrew Liszewski

Nokia appears to be the latest company jumping into the digital pen market with their new SU-27W model. It actually bears a striking resemblance to the FLY Fusion Pen, but Nokia’s offering sets itself apart with the addition of bluetooth. Not only does this mean you can wirelessly connect the pen to a bluetooth-equipped PC, but it also means hand-written notes or drawings can be uploaded to a bluetooth-equipped cellphone.

The pen has a paltry 1.3MB of storage on-board, but that equates to around 100 pages of A5 sized paper. When fully charged you can write for about 3 hours, but the battery should survive nearly 20 hours with the pen in standby mode. If you don’t have any bluetooth-friendly devices the pen can still connect to a PC and transfer notes via a USB cable, and like the FLY Fusion it does require special dot-pattern paper in order to work.

Nokia is apparently planning to launch the pen on December 20 for about $240 from their online store. If you’re not a fan of typing out text messages or emails on a numeric keypad, this sounds like a good use for the digital pen technology.

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  1. This is just a later market introduction of the current digital pen in the japanese market as Nokia S60 edition 3.0 terminals have a lower critical mass in that specific market.

    Some things appear strange if you are looking from a different perspective, local knowledge helps to make good comments and analysis.

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