Nokia’s Image Cable Bluetooth Headset

HS-13W Wireless Image Headset nokiaBy David Ponce

The affectionately named HS-13W Wireless Image Headset from Nokia would rank pretty high on our wishlist this Holiday season, if it weren’t for the price. At least, we think the ladies in our lives might like it. It’s a Bluetooth headset, but not the kind that hangs from your ear and makes you look like a tard. Instead, it hangs down your neck, like, well… like a necklace. This particular device simply does away with the wires (at least, the ones connecting to your cell), and includes a 128 x 128-pixel 4,096-color display. That way, you can see who’s calling without having to fish around for your phone. The display also allows you to interact with your mobile and, say, browse and edit your contacts. You can also store up to 500KB worth of pictures.

We’re a little disappointed that it doesn’t seem to support audio streaming, which would have made it an ideal companion to any musicphone. And, $300 is a lot of money for something that isn’t, say, a truck full of delicious donuts.

[Nokia HS-13W Wireless Image Headset] VIA [Gizmologia]

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