Noisy Phone Comes With What Now?

Noisy Phone (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

The Noisy Phone is designed for people who are hard of hearing, or are living in a college dorm where it’s a 24/7 party since its adjustable ringer can be set as loud as 83dB. For comparison, that’s about as loud as traffic at a busy intersection, but inside your home. And even if you don’t hear the ringer, the phone has a super bright red flasher that also indicates when there’s an incoming call.

What makes me curious though is that when you scroll down on the website you’ll see the phone actually comes with a free copy of Jack Cagney’s Sentimental Journey Super 10 Track CD. Not only that, but to protect your privacy the phone will appear on your credit card statement as ‘Sentimental Records.’ Personally I would be more embarrassed about ordering that CD, than a phone that was a little on the loud side.

The Noisy Phone is available for about $144 but when you consider you’re also getting the musical stylings of “Gentleman” Jack Cagney, you’ll realize that’s a steal.

[ Noisy Phone ] VIA [ Tech Digest ]