No More Stinky Poo In The Loo, Aspidor Toilet

By Bruce Eaton

Ate too much Weinershnitzel and now you gotta take a stinky shnit? Well over across the pond in Germany, the folks at Pro-Idee have the Aspidor Toilet to combat whatever hellish death you dare to unleash in your watercloset.

It screws on to your toilet (so you renters can use this), a fan quietly sucks your “emissions” into a charcoal filter which releases clean smelling air. The picture shows how the black demons turn into nice clouds surrounded in blue love… well maybe not. But no more do you have to worry if you just left a WC of doom for your loved one to step into. At ? 289 ($344) which is a lot of money, I think I might just tell my S/O to hold her nose. But that’s because I smell like roses.

[Aspidor Toilet] VIA [AskMen]

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