No Contact Jacket is Shocking

No Contact Jacket

By David Edney

If you’re a lady that would like a little more protection when you’re out and about, this is the jacket for you. Not only is it stylish, but if a dirtbag tries to touch, at the flick of a somewhat perverse switch, he gets an 80,000 volt jolt. The jacket, made by company No-Contact has an electrified outer sleeve that is separated from the lining by a layer of rubber, so anyone touching the jacket gets the unknowing shock of their life while you remain nice and cozy in the self-defending cover. It’s covered in a teflon coated waterproof supplex nylon, which will allow the jacket to work even in the rain. Water will bead and run off and will not soak through to the electrified layer beneath. However, the company “would not recommend activating it in wet or rainy conditions unless absolutely necessary.” The contraption is powered by a 9V alkaline battery, and will knock your assailant to the ground even if he’s wearing gloves. While it’s intended to be mass-marketed, the $950 price tag will surely keep it out of many people’s hands.

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3 thoughts on “No Contact Jacket is Shocking”

  1. Well, nice idea, but it’s weak. So, let’s imagine the situation. You want to cause her harm, presumably rape her. You get light shock (as on the video) when you touch her. So, next is inevitably blow to her head. Unprotected head, and after that, she can’t push button OR do anything else. Bad idea.
    I am teaching basics of self-defense (also to women) and this is seriously bad idea. Even good pepper spray would be better, because it will (at least partially) INCAPACITATE the assailant.

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