Nixon Synapse (Images courtesy Nixon)

Nixon’s Synapse Watch Features A Touchscreen Interface And A Multi-Timezone Display

Nixon Synapse (Images courtesy Nixon)
By Andrew Liszewski

Part of Nixon’s 2011 collection, the Synapse watch will certainly appeal to the jet-set crowd, and anyone who can’t get enough of touchscreen UIs. It’s retro-riffic display uses a dot-matrix font to display the time in four different timezones at once, though presumably there’s some way to differentiate which one corresponds to which part of the world. I’m just not seeing it. And the black bar you’ll notice to the left of the display is actually a touch-sensitive strip allowing you to navigate the watch’s UI without getting the screen covered in fingerprints. Also it was probably cheaper to integrate than a full-screen touch panel.

It’s still listed as ‘out of stock’ on the Nixon website which means it’s not available just yet. But when it is you’ll be able to order it in one of four different finishes including black, silver, gunmetal gray and gold for $200-$250.

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