Nixichron GPS Tube Clock


By Josh Ray

Retro-fab, baby. The Nixichron clock forgoes nasty LEDs and uses old-school Nixie tube lights that glow oh-so prettily. The Nixie tubes were, alas, overcome by cheapo LED many years ago but the Nixie is alive and well through Resonant Industries. The Nixichron clocks in at $499 and is available in chrome, red, blue or green.

The most interesting feature is non-other than GPS. Yes, the Nixichron sports satellite uplinking to make sure your Nixies are running in sync with Norad’s atomic clock buried deep in the Rocky Mountains. The Nixichron also includes adjustable light levels, programmable display and a Morse code alarm setting. Wild stuff.

[Nixichron GPS Alarm Clock] via [SonicFlare]

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