Nite Ize LED Upgrade Kit for Old-School Flashlights

Nite Ize LED Updrage Kit (Image courtesy Nite Ize)By Andrew Liszewski

I can remember as a kid always being amazed at the D-cell Mag-Lite flashlights that could house 6 or more batteries in them. The things were like aluminum baseball bats that could also be used as flashlights if the need arose. They were also nearly indestructible and would last a lifetime and now thanks to Nite Ize the technology in even the oldest of Mag-Lites can keep up with the current offerings on the market.

For only about 10$ this no-brainer upgrade kit can convert your old Mag-Lite (or any multiple C or D-cell flashlight for that manner) into an LED flashlight. It’s as easy as pulling out the old incandescent bulb and replacing it with this LED one. Besides being far brighter the new bulb can also give you 10 times the battery life depending on the size of the flashlight being upgraded.

[Nite Ize LED Upgrade Kit] VIA [SNEWS]

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