Nipple Enhancers!

Now this I dig! Not that I’d want to enhance my nipples or anything, but I sure could live in a world where every pretty girl owns one of these… Matter of fact, we could all use enhancing of some sort. I say, hell, let’s enhancify the world! You know, like the Olympics motto, “Swifter, Higher, Stronger”.

And bigger.

Via GadgetMadness.

P.S. Oh yeah, they’re 1200 Yen. You work out how much that makes.

13 thoughts on “Nipple Enhancers!”

  1. It6 seems that most japanese girls are unhappy with there brests considering all the products they have to help enlarge them (including gum) . . . I kinda wanna go there and wear a tight shirt to show off mine XD

  2. AllAmerican Says:
    Welcome to America
    Now speak english
    This is not America its the internet learn another language. Plus in a few more years everyone will have to know the language that guy was talking so good luck.

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