Nintendo DS To Get Camera Add-On

Nintendo DS & Camera (Image courtesy Andrew Liszewski

Like it’s great, great, great grandfather the GameBoy (how many versions of GameBoy were there again?) the Nintendo DS will soon be getting its own camera accessory. Designed to fit inside the GBA slot of the DS it looks like the camera was specifically created for the ‘Lite’ version of the popular handheld which will be bad news for those still using the older ‘Phat’ model.

Usually Nintendo only releases a peripheral if there’s a particular game designed to take advantage of the hardware and the camera is no exception. It will ship with a game called Face Training that teaches people how to exercise their faces by moving certain muscles. The camera is used to show real-time video of your face on the screen so you can make sure you’re doing the exercises properly. Finally! Time to cancel my Phantom Hourglass pre-order.

The Face Training game and DS camera will launch in Japan on August 2 but I’d be quite surprised to see this released in North America.

[ IGN – DS Snaps up Camera ]

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