Nintendo DS Owners – Get Your Quake On

Quake on the DS (Image courtesy DrunkenCoders)By Andrew Liszewski

While the ability to play Doom will probably remain the benchmark for how hackable a device is I still think Quake is an overall better gaming experience so I’m glad to see that after quite a while it’s finally available for the NintendoDS, albeit in a round about way.

This particular port was created by a clever group of programmers known as the DrunkenCoders who have been on the DS homebrew scene for as long as I’ve been following it. Keep in mind QuakeDS is not 100% complete at this time but the pre-release version they’ve made available is playable as long as you’re willing to put up with a few minor bugs or hiccups.

Now while the original Quake required at least 10 megs of RAM and a math co-processor to run the DS has neither of those (only 4 megs inside) so making the game run smoothly on the DS hardware is nothing short of impressive.

You can find all the necessary download links on the DrunkenCoders QuakeDS page and keep in mind in order to run it you’ll also need an actual copy of the game (apparently the Shareware version works fine) and a homebrew card for your DS.