Nintendo DS and DSi Get Personal Trainer: Walking Software


By Shane McGlaun

For many people when it comes time to exercise they simply walk out their front door and go for a walk. Walking is one of the most popular forms of exercise and there is all sorts of gear designed to help people who like to walk get the most out of their workout.

A new software offering for the Nintendo DS and DSi is being announced called Personal Trainer: Walking. The software works with the DS or DSi portable consoles and includes a pair of wireless activity meters that can each store about 7 days worth of data.

The data can be wirelessly sent to the DS or DSi where it is stored and charted to show walkers statistics on their walking activity over time. The card inside the Nintendo DS can store up to five years worth of walking data. The walking data is charted automatically to find “life rhythm” patterns that let users see when they are most active and watch for periods of inactivity to eliminate to get healthier. The software will launch on May 26 for $49.99.

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