Ninjapins (Images courtesy AssistOn)

Ninjapins Promise No More Pin Holes In Your Wall

Ninjapins (Images courtesy AssistOn)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you’ve ever spent an afternoon trying to camouflage the holes left from pins and thumbtacks before moving out of a dorm room or apartment, you’ll appreciate the simple innovation these Ninjapins bring. Traditional tacks feature a round shaft with a pointed tip that makes them easy to stick in a wall, but when removed they leave behind a tiny, but very noticeable, hole. So to combat that problem the ninjapins feature a shaft that’s actually just a thin, folded metal strip. It stays just as rigid as a round shaft, and sticks into a wall just as easily thanks to an angled, sharpened tip.

But when removed, instead of a hole, you’re left with a very thin ‘L’ shaped slit in the wall that’s far less noticeable from a distance. I mean, if your landlord is going over your place with a fine-toothed-comb they’re probably going to see them, but for most uses they seem like a far better alternative to regular tacks if you’re trying to keep your wall damage to a minimum. The only catch? A 5-piece set from AssistOn runs about $5 (¥400), so in the long run it may just be cheaper to refinish a perforated wall.

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