Nikon Digital Microscope For DSLRs


By Evan Ackerman

Nikon’s Fabre Photo EX is a sort of lens attachment thingy for Nikon DSLRs that turns the whole setup into a fairly powerful digital microscope. You screw it into the lens mount on your camera and place whatever you want gigantized directly underneath. A white LED illuminates the scene, and somehow (mirrors, lenses, tubes, fairies) you’re able to take a picture utilizing the full power of the honkin’ DSLR sensor, which gives you 45x magnification on a DX format camera, boostable up to 66x with some extension tubes (see? tubes!).

The Nikon Fabre Photo EX will set you back a solid $1200 when it goes on sale February 20th; if you get one, make sure and send me some gross bug pictures or something.

VIA [ Tech-On ]