Nike+ Shoe With GPS Could Potentially Make Usain Bolt Even Faster

By Jonathan Kimak

I guess I seem on a bit of a shoe fixation lately. Maybe it’s because my shoes are worn down to the point of just being thick socks.

A patent application for a new Nike shoe with a new sensor, dubbed Nike+, was recently leaked to the public. I have a feeling that this leak, like many other technology leaks, was staged to build hype.

The shoe does sound interesting though, especially for athletes. The sensor uses GPS and other gauges to measure athletic performance in real time. This would enable runners and their coaches to discover weak spots during the course of a race that the runner needs to work on. In a sport that’s usually decided by milliseconds this could be very valuable to all runners.

The shoe also includes sensors that will alert you when parts of the shoe, like the sole and the arch supports, have worn down. This could be because Nike is concerned about runner safety or it could be that they want to make sure you keep buying more shoes. You decide.

Since this is just a patent application it’s hard to tell at what stage of development this shoe is at.

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