Nike Hatphones

Nike Hatphones (Image courtesy Nike)By Andrew Liszewski

The iPod’s touchwheel is a great way to navigate your music collection but this time of year (depending on where you live) it becomes unusable while wearing gloves, mittens or with your hands crammed in your pockets. But why let the cold stop you from enjoying all those torrented legally purchased songs? Nike has just released the Hatphone which is a microfiber fleece toque that can hold an iPod Nano with the Nike sports adapter and allows the controls to be accessed via a “power mesh window” on the back of the cap.

I’m not 100% certain on how this power mesh window works but I will say for a marketing and advertising powerhouse like Nike I think they could have come up with a far better name than ‘Hatphones’ for this one.

So if you’re interested in staving off hypothermia while enjoying your tunes you can find the Hatphones on Nike’s website in black, grey, blue or red for $60.

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