Nightlight Doubles As A Major Award

Christmas Story Leg Lamp (Image courtesy Spilsbury)By Andrew Liszewski

I know Hallowe’en hasn’t even passed yet but I’m going to post this one anyways. Consider it a breach of etiquette if you will, but since I was double-dog-dared to post it I really have no choice. “A Christmas Story” is pretty much the definitive Christmas movie in my opinion and if you share that belief why not show your support with this Leg Lamp nightlight.

Besides its timeless design you can also impress your friends, co-workers and family members by claiming that the Leg lamp nightlight was given to you as a major award. And if they ask where it was made tell them that given the packaging said “fra-gi-le” it must be Italian.

The Leg Lamp nightlight is available from Spilsbury for $8.95. They also carry larger tabletop and life-sized versions of the lamp but I suspect this smaller, subtler version will appeal to more people.

Oh and if you’ve never seen the film then this post will probably make absolutely no sense to you.

[‘A Christmas Story’ Leg Lamp @ Spilsbury]

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  2. Thanks for mentioning the crazy clock from Things You Never Knew Existed. This fantastic Christmas Leg Lamp is also available from TYNKE. Just thought you’d like to know.

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