Niagara III, Continuous Ink Flow System

At OhGizmo, we try to cover only the pretty things, because here aesthetics is king. Once in a while, under the guise of innovation (aka “Gee, that thing is cool!”) we diverge into the ugly. Case in point, the Niagara III continuous ink flow system from company Media Street.

If you’re normal and were born with a brain, you probably realize that inkjet cartridges are ridiculously expensive. Do you know just how ‘spensive? It seems it varies between $3000 and $9000 a gallon. Course, a gallon of ink is a lot of printing, but still… With the Niagara III, you’ll never have to purchase a cartridge again, bringing down the cost to about $200 a gallon!

What you do, see, is purchase the system itself, which goes from $150 to $330, depending on the printer. You then buy some bottles of ink, which can cost as little as $8 for 4oz… and you’re good to go. You hook the thing up to your printer, the ink feeds from a separate container through tubes, and whenever you’ve exhausted your 4oz bottles, simply get a really cheap replacement bottle.

That’s it. You don’t have to feel bad printing thousands of digital pictures any longer. Check out the website here.

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