Nextdoor is a Private Social Network for Neighborhoods


Are you on talking terms with your neighbors? No? Well, if you want that to change, then there’s a site called Nextdoor that can help you out. Nextdoor essentially links you to other people in your neighborhood. You could consider it as a social network of sorts, but it’s more private and exclusive in the sense that it’ll only link you to other people in your part of town.

Registering for an account is free, quick, and easy. Just key in your email address, name, and actual address, and wait for Nextdoor to give you the specific password that’s assigned for your neighborhood.


Once your information has been verified, you’ll get access to Nextdoor and are free to chat with your neighbors about the weather, community activities, garage sales, missing pets, and other stuff that they can relate to. Once you’ve warmed up to your neighbors, you could even decide to pay them a visit–in person, this time–so you can take the neighborly relationship to the next level.

Check it out here.

VIA [ Pop Up City ]