Nextar I4-BC Navigation And Camera System Modernizes Your Ride

By Evan Ackerman

New cars are packed with exciting new toys, and GPS systems and backup cameras are getting to be pretty much standard features, much to the embarrassment of me and my ’83 Volvo. This kit from Nextar contains everything you need to outfit your vehicle with a nav system and a backup camera, without having to deal with a hugely painful installation. It’s only a slightly painful installation, which involves wiring the slim little license plate mounted backup camera into your tail lights. After that, the dashboard mounted GPS unit will detect the wireless signal from the camera whenever you shift into reverse, and display the camera image on its 4.3″ LCD.

The GPS itself has a touchscreen, a speaker for turn-by-turn directions, an SD card slot and USB connection for map updates, and will play MP3s as well as JPEG slideshows. Although the $500 asking price might be a bit steep, it’s a pretty neat system if you’d like to add some useful gadgetry to your ride.

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