NEXiLUX Portable Gaming Guitar (Images courtesy NEXiLUX)

NEXiLUX Portable Gaming Guitar

NEXiLUX Portable Gaming Guitar (Images courtesy NEXiLUX)
By Andrew Liszewski

Like concerts, rhythm games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band are best enjoyed with a group of people, so if you often find yourself traveling to a friends house with your faux guitar in tow, this collapsible alternative from NEXiLUX should help you look a bit less conspicuous enroute. The neck collapses into itself but also breaks away from the body leaving you with 2 pieces that should be pretty easy to stash in a backpack, and it looks like it provides all the functionality of the guitars included with either game, including a touch sensitive strip on the neck for use with Guitar Hero World Tour. It’s also compatible with the Wii and the PS3/PS2 though for some reason not the Xbox 360. ~$60-70, though I’m having a hard time find a retailer who still has them in stock which tells me it’s either really popular or really crappy.

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  1. Well if owning this doesn't say “I'm cool” I don't know what will! Still though I give them credit for a great design that may appeal to many people. I just can't see myself buying one of these anytime soon.

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