New Webcams Give Real-Time Makeovers

By David Ponce

Our lady readers will most probably appreciate this the most. See, there’s news of two new webcams that will give you a “makeover” of sorts, before your pretty little mug is broadcast over the internet. The first, pictured here, is the BHC-35H03B, from Buffalo. It first floods your face with a strong LED white light, and then automatic white balance kicks in, to even out your complexion and maybe even make you look a little fairer… if you’re into that sort of stuff.

The second one, the UCAM-E1W30TNWH (catchy name, really) from Elecom does its magic in a somewhat more obscure fashion. It runs your image through “a real-time retouch procedure” and hopefully makes those bags, wrinkles, blemishes, zits and countless other skin, eh, imperfections, go away. At least a little.

Of course, the ladies (or, um, gents) reading OhGizmo won’t be needing these, as they are all particularly flawless and beautiful, but I’m sure you know one or two fugly types who might appreciate the recommendation. No?

[More at C|Net Asia] VIA [Prylfeber]