New Self-Chilling Sprite Bottles From Coca-Cola

Sprite Bottle (Image courtesy Coca-Cola)By Andrew Liszewski

Coca-Cola is apparently ready to roll out a new type of bottle that uses a specially developed technology to chill the inside when the top is removed. The company says the new bottles will do away with the need for ice which dilutes the beverage as it melts but does anyone ever actually put ice in a bottle? And oddly enough the new bottles need to be stored at a specific temperature which means the company will also be rolling out new vending machines.

It’s widely assumed the new bottles will first be used on a new Coca-Cola product called ‘Sprite Super Chilled’ so if anything actually goes wrong with them it won’t injure the company’s lucrative and loyal Coca-Cola drinkers. But if everything goes well you can expect both Coke and Diet Coke to follow suit with self-chilling bottles of their own.

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8 thoughts on “New Self-Chilling Sprite Bottles From Coca-Cola”

  1. They need to fix the whole ‘needs to be kept at a specific temperature before these will really catch on. However if the new machines use less energy it’ll be good.

  2. If the bottle has to be kept at a certain temperature anyway, then why not just scrap the new bottle and keep using the refrigerated vending machines? This only makes sense if the bottle can be kept warm… then it would do away with the need for a refrigerator. I don’t get the point.

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