New Romain Jerome Watch Features Parts Of An Actual DeLorean Car

Romain Jerome is known for making expensive watches that contain pieces of various things, like the Titanic or moon dust. It’s a winning formula it appears, and now the company has announced the launch of the DeLorean DNA watch. It features pieces of an original DeLorean DMC-12 and has “an aesthetic reminiscent of the classic car.”

The ring surrounding the minute counter at 3 o’clock evokes the original design of the wheel rims, while the hands are inspired by automobile dashboards. The small seconds dial has the same colours and look as the car’s tail-lights.

Of course like most of his other timepieces that are either expensive or ridiculously expensive, the DeLorean DNA watch clocks in at a hefty $15,900. There will only be 81 of them made, and that’s a good thing too considering there are only 6,500 of the cars left and we’d rather not see even a single one of them be sacrificed in the name of fancy watchmaking.

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