New PicooZ Helicopters Now 3 Channel, Still Not Quite Helicopters


By Evan Ackerman

When it comes to remote control helicopters, I’m a bit of a snob, in that I own one of these and know how to fly it without crashing (most of the time). R/C helis like the one I have allow for the same range of control as a real helicopter: pitch, yaw, roll, and throttle. That’s four axes of control. Most of the little PicooZ helicopters have so far been only two channel: you can go up and down, and left and right (they keep going forward on their own). That, for me, takes away the whole point of flying a helicopter… The ability to hover. The PicooZ Tandem Z and the PicooZ 3 Channel Helicopter are new additions to the PicooZ micro R/C heli lineup, and that third channel adds a forwards/backwards control, letting you hover these little guys. The third addition (the yellow one in the picture) is only two channel, but it’s extra-tiny. Otherwise, the stats on these are about the same: infra-red control, 20 minute charge, 10 minute flight, trim control, LED, made of something crash resistant, and multiple frequencies are available.

You’re looking at about $80 for the Tandem, and $60 each for the other two. Available now from Red5; it’ll probably be under the Air Hogs brand when it shows up in the states.

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3 thoughts on “New PicooZ Helicopters Now 3 Channel, Still Not Quite Helicopters”

  1. Hi,
    My name is Scott and i work for RED5 as the website administrator. I’d just like to confirm that these are the genuine Silverlit PicooZ helicopters. We have a built up a great relationship with Silverlit and are passionate about the products that they do. We have worked closely with Silverlit informing them of inferior copies (or ‘knock off’s) and will continue to do so. The latest range of helicopters build upon what has been a huge success and these show all the signs of improving an already amazing range.

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