New Era Finally Catering To Armchair Athletes

New Era Pacman and Space Invaders Hats (Images courtesy Cap Collector & High Snobiety)
By Andrew Liszewski

New Era has definitely found a profitable market when it comes to sports fans or urban fashion, but it’s hard to ignore the ridiculous amounts of money being spent on video games every year. So the company is introducing a series of classic-gaming themed caps that I’m sure I’ll be seeing on the heads of hipsters all around town. The Pacman series features Pacman himself, a red cherry or 3 ghosts while the Space Invaders series includes the iconic aliens.

You can find them all here for about $55 each, and if you buy one just do me a favor and take off that ridiculous gold sticker before you wear it. (It’s not actually real gold.)

[ New Era Pacman & Space Invaders Caps ] VIA [ ALBOTAS ]

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